Marine ecologist, photographer, diver, plankton enthusiast.

Welcome to my website! I am a marine ecologist passionate about sustainability, biodiversity, taxonomy and how human-induced changes are affecting marine ecosystems. For my PhD in marine ecology I investigated changes in gelatinous zooplankton (“jellyfish”) communities in Dutch coastal waters by analysing long-term datasets and performing field surveys as well as experiments.

After my PhD I worked for a while at a sustainable fishing NGO, before returning to science where I now specialise in research focused on zooplankton diversity, ecology and monitoring. At NIOZ I investigated the impact of Blue Energy production on zooplankton through monitoring and experiments and worked on testing and implementing innovative methods of zooplankton sampling such as in-situ imaging with machine-learning assisted classification.

Currently I work as a marine ecology researcher at Wageningen Marine Research.

Experienced in organising research projects, research cruises and monitoring surveys, analysing long-term data, experiments, and species identification/taxonomy of benthos as well as zooplankton and fish. For more information please see my curriculum vitae and publications.

I maintain several other websites:

  •, which provides information and imagery related to zooplankton, their diversity and ecology.
  • which houses my library of plankton imagery showing the bizarre and beautiful shapes and forms you can find in the plankton.
  •, which showcases my aerial photos taken from a kite.

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